(Vaccinium corymbosum)

Blueberries grow all along the Eastern coast of the United States and Canada. They are one of America's favorite fruits.

Blueberries have a white, bell shaped flower. Berries are green in June and July and ripen to a dark purple in August. The blueberries you see in a grocery store are different than the ones you find in nature. Wild blueberries are much smaller and the plants much shorter than cultivated ones. The bushes on this trail will only grow to about a foot tall. They don't mind having damp roots, so they love to grow in wetlands.

Blueberries are food for many birds, such as bluebirds, blackbirds, and robins. Deer, squirrels, and mice eat them. But bears are nature's true blueberry lovers. A bear will travel 15 miles in search of blueberries, then eat nothing else as long as there are berries to be found. But don't worry, there are no bears on this trail!

Blueberry flowers

Blueberry fruit

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