Poison ivy

(Toxicodendron radicans)
Leaves of three -- let it be!!

In front of you is a tree that appears to have oval leaves about 6 inches long. It looks like it is deciduous -- that means a tree that will lose its leaves in the fall. But no, this tree has needles. It is a white pine with poison ivy growing up its trunk.

If you see a plant with leaves growing in bunches of 3, it may be poison ivy. Don't touch it! Poison ivy can cause a terrible rash in people.

Poison ivy grows many ways. It can grow as short as only a few inches high along the ground, or it can climb 15 feet high by clinging to a tree.

See the roots growing up the trunk of a large tree? Don't touch the roots, not even in winter.

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Pine tree with poison ivy

Poison ivy growing on the ground

Berries in summer
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