Animal signs

If you look closely you can see signs of animals along the trail.

Animal footprints are most often found in areas where it is muddy. Along this trail, near the signpost for touch-me-not, you can see deer tracks, raccoon prints, and sometimes even great blue heron prints.

Underneath pine trees you can often find evidence of squirrels. Squirrels pull apart the pine cones to get to the pine seeds. They eat the seeds, leaving behind the shredded cone.

A spot that is muddy is usually a good place to see tracks

Deer (Cervidae) tracks

Deer tracks

Deer tracks

Raccoon (Procyon lotor) tracks

Heron (Ardrea cinerea) tracks

Raccoon and Heron tracks

Shredded remains of pine cones after the seeds were
eaten by squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis)

Pine cone half eaten by a squirrel

A tree cricket (Cicada) exoskeleton

Tracks in the snow

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