Marking a wetlands trail

This trail was created as a Girl Scout Gold project to show the importance of wetlands.

If you liked walking the trail, I hope it inspires you to go out and do something in your community for the environment.

For example, one way you can help is to keep our parks clean. Hemlock Gorge is on the other side of route 9 from this trail. Friends of Hemlock Gorge run a cleanup of the gorge every fall and spring. Go to to find the date of the next cleanup.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this trail possible. I couldn't have done it without you.


Choosing a site

Melissa choosing places to put new markers

Finding evidence of a previous trail

A previous trail marker

Getting the wood for the posts

Checking out the tools needed

James finishing the edges of the posts

James breaking ground on the first hole

Jeremy working on the first hole

Melissa putting gravel in the hole for drainage

Edna adding gravel

Jeremy pounding nails into the bottoms of the posts
Nails help keep posts from shifting

Caroline pounding nails in a post
while Gabryela and Josi dig a hole

Josi cutting through tree roots

Mike digging the hole for blueberry marker

Amy and Cammie fill in the hole for Maple-leaf viburnum

Steve at Jack-in-the-pulpit

Dan starts the hole for Hemlock

Jeremy digging the last hole

George doing cleanup

Benjamin attaching a temporary sign to a post

Post ready for aluminum sign

Melissa marking placement of sign holes

Melissa drilling holes

Edna drilling holes

Completed post

Ready for the public to use

Gettng Erica's approval on the project

Showing the completed trail to fellow Girl Scouts Gabryela and Devon

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