Touch-me-not is also known as Jewelweed. It is a common flowering plant in Massachusetts. They flower through the summer and early fall. The flowers are about 1 inch long, and shaped like a little horn. The ones on the plants here are orange, but they come in many other colors.

Touch-me-not is a natural antidote for poison ivy. If you come in contact with poison ivy, take a leaf from a Touch-me-not plant and rub it over the place where you touched the poison ivy. If you do this right away, the poison ivy rash will be lessened, or perhaps not appear at all. But don't go out of your way to touch poison ivy to try this out!

The plant is called Touch-me-not because of its seed pods. When the pods are ripe, they "explode" if you squeeze them, sending their seeds out a meter or so away from the plant.

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Seed pods

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